Making sense of social media

In the world of social media, the audience is no longer a passive respondent of research but plays an active role in the debate. TNS opinion is leading the way in making sense of this new world of so-called Big Data.

Track the activity of your organisation on social media  

TNS opinion has developed a social media analytics tool that offers real-time tracking of social media content. We specialised in linking off-line events and on-line content and can provide you with real-time results (volumes of messages, engagement rate) and sentiment analytics (tone of the messages, main topics of discussion).

Connecting with the public

TNS opinion is able to map social media content and communities – we are able to identify the key drivers of public opinion, target specific online communities. Our tool allows live interaction with social media users.

Analyse social media content

TNS opinion has developed specific techniques to analyse the emotional context of social media through word clouds and thematic groupings. Unlike other tools which are used, the TNS opinion approach takes into account that tracking tools need to be continuously adapted as new words / phrases and concepts emerge. Through this, TNS opinion is able to follow the discourse as it evolves and by contextualising the sentiment, and joining the dots between on-line and off-line discourses.