Local knowledge, global insights

As well as our expertise in successfully designing and conducting pan-global quantitative surveys, we also rely on our network of partners. With their local knowledge, we at TNS opinion make sure that our proposed research design is not only consistent in quality, but also takes into account and respects local differences. This knowledge means TNS opinion will always be able to design the most appropriate methodology for your study, regardless of which countries are covered.

  • Face to Face Research

    Face to face is still the only robust methodology in many parts of the world.

    TNS opinion specialises in managing complex face to face multi-country surveys - we run some of the largest in the world and are a leading provider to all of the European Institutions, the World Bank and many international NGOs.

    Our methodology expert team ensure a robust design to measure the most complex issues in even the most challenging of regions. Our quality control processes ensure accurate data to inform government policies and decision making. Our 500+ dedicated political and social researchers working across the globe enable us to better understand complex multinational and multicultural contexts. With in-house translation management teams covering up to 80 different languages, cutting edge coordination tools and our expertise in multi-country research, TNS opinion is simply the leader when it comes to international face to face research.


  • Telephone Research

    In most parts of the developed world, telephone surveys are particularly well-suited for general public surveys provided that one is able to cover both landline and mobile phone for each country.

    TNS opinion have set-up a unique centralised organisation able to run telephone survey in multi-country studies combining landline and mobile. This organisation is called the TNS e-Call Centre. The concept is simple: combine the efficiency of a centralised project management with the skills of our local CATI centres.

    Our unique organization of international CATI surveys has already been used extensively for many international surveys conducted on behalf of the European Commission and the European Parliament.

  • Online surveys

    In recent years, as more and more people have internet access and use the internet regularly, conducting surveys online has become an increasingly used and credible alternative to classical approaches, such as face-to-face or telephone surveys. Of course, internet penetration varies widely – even within Europe – but an online approach can often be the best balance between cost and quality.

    TNS opinion offers the largest online sample with the broadest geographical coverage in the world. Online can be effectively used for all kinds of surveys – from standard quantitative  questionnaires, to more complex behavioural experiments. It is increasingly used for qualitative studies and at TNS opinion we are pioneering the tools and platforms for conducting online groups, depth interviews, and ethnographical studies (e.g. blogs, video diaries).