Classic qualitative techniques, applied globally

Qualitative research is key to understanding why people think and act as they do. We believe that when qualitative research is done well, it can be inspirational.  It can help connect politicians with its citizens, and companies with their customers and provide a fresh way of looking at challenges.

TNS opinion comprises qualitative expertise across all specialisms – from traditional focus groups and depth interviews, to panel and deliberative research, to online qualitative research.

The six key factors in qualitative research at TNS opinion:


Understanding people at human level, in terms of their lives, needs and behaviours.


Knowing how to engage people to get beyond the superficial to the heart of their attitudes and whether these are open to change.


Making sure the methods we use are tailored to our clients’ needs, understanding when it’s best to use groups, depths, ethnography or digital.


Applying rigour and discipline to the way in which we analyse and interpret the findings, using a range of approaches to provide depth to our work, and ensuring we answer your policy objectives.


Committing to quality by ensuring we have senior qualitative experts working on projects, not just overseeing the work but getting involved in the design, fieldwork and analysis.


Working with you as a partner and helping to make the learning from research easy to use.