Measuring outcomes and improving policy

Economic uncertainty is putting increased pressure on budgets for intergovernmental and national political structures as well as other non-governmental organizations. This in turn means a greater focus on accountability of expenditure and an increasing need to demonstrate return on investment.

TNS opinion, the expert organization when it comes to multi-country research, also developed an approach (combining qualitative and quantitative techniques) to evaluate the effectiveness, sustainability and community impact of social programs in a multi-country setting.

Our specific services include:

  • Development of evaluation frameworks
  • Cost benefit and cost effectiveness analysis
  • Econometric modeling
  • Impact assessment

TNS opinion, which can also rely on over 500 dedicated social researchers in more than 40 countries, is uniquely placed to conduct research on any social issue, in any environment.

So far we had the chance to assist decision makers on the European level with in a wide range of policy areas: health, internal market, labour market, community integration - to name a few.