"Big Data", big picture

Nowadays everyone talks about “Big Data” – but in the end it is all about finding the answer on your question in the data.

TNS opinion does not only “produce” manifold data. We also have the capacities to perform straight forward data processing, to do serious data mining, to analyze your data with the most appropriate and up to date statistical techniques and to produce fancy graphical outcomes. 

We are particularly specialized in merging and analyzing data sets from different sources – linking data on public opinion from surveys, traditional media and also social media sources.  Our approach is a robust, yet flexible methodology which can adapt to the wide-ranging nature of modern data sets, and is able to provide a comprehensive yet insightful summary of the potentially overwhelming volume of data available.

Understanding the data

Sometimes a simple, descriptive approach is the best way to understand complex data sets. It can be a useful first step for understanding data and before using more complex techniques. It includes segmentation and other analytical approaches that can often be as useful as more sophisticated statistical techniques.

Looking to the future

Predictive modelling is a form of multi-variate analysis which uses patterns in current data to forecast trends. Predicting likely future scenarios based on existing data can be an invaluable tool to identify what decisions need to be taken now to pre-empt potential risks and exploit potential opportunities

Using our local knowledge

TNS opinion specialises in multi-country research and are experts in comparative analysis of international data. No matter how sophisticated the analysis technique, one can never forget the local context.