Nicolas Becuwe will be presenting the results of the qualitative and quantitative surveys of the ADVANCED FP7 project in Oslo, 3rd of September 2015

Nicolas Becuwe has been invited to participate to the NATCONSUMERS workshop (1st workshop on the language of Energy) to present the results of the qualitative and quantitative research that TNS opinion carried out within the FP7 projects Advanced.

NATCONSUMERS is aiming at raising consumer awareness on energy as a daily life concerns, and provoking direct actions by making consumption visible and summarizing it into tailored tips for energy consumption.

The ambition of ADVANCED project was to increase the understanding on how to deploy efficiently Active Demand (AD). In order to fulfill it, it is required to have an omni-comprehensive (holistic) view of all the components that intervene in the value chain. This presents an inherent complexity that derives from the heterogeneity of these components, the fact that they are all equally relevant and the high level of interaction with each other.

Within ADVANCED project, TNS opinion conducted a unique qualitative and quantitative research project to understand the motivation and barriers to adopt Active Demand in Europe.