Kantar Public Brussels will conduct an exit poll for the Georgian Parliamentary elections that take place on the 8th of October

Kantar Public Brussels has been commissioned by four TV companies - "Imedi", "Public Broadcaster", "Maestro" and "GDS" - to conduct an exit poll on the first round of the Parliamentary elections that will take place in Georgia on the 8th of October. The objective of the exit poll is to provide a reliable estimate of the results and turnout at 8PM when all polling stations closed before the actual results are counted.

Kantar Public is uniting our global expertise in governmental and public policy work. In Kantar Public, our Political and Opinion expertise brings together our experts from around the globe in this domain. We work as consultants, advisors, and researchers, to governments, the public sector, global institutions and commercial organisations. Our breadth of expertise is unrivalled, and supported by our unique, global proprietary infrastructure, we are able to provide the data and analytics to support better decision making. We have conducted opinion research in more than 40 countries in the world and have worked on many successful exit polls. The most recent examples are the ones conducted for national elections in South Korea and for regional elections in Germany.

Kantar Public will conduct this exit poll together with its local partner GORBI, Georgian Opinion Research Business international, which will be responsible of the fieldwork and the data delivery.

The exit poll will cover the proportional vote (77 seats allocated through this system) and the majoritarian vote of 10 districts (out of the 73 districts). In order to do that, we designed 11 samples, one national to cover the proportional vote and 10 local to cover the majoritarian votes in the districts selected. In total, we will survey voters in 320 polling stations with over 640 interviewers from the opening of the polling stations to the closure. All the results will be collected through tablets using VPN secured connection and will be checked in GORBI’s office by experienced researchers. The results (first estimates) will be transmitted to TV so that they can present the first overall results. Another update of the estimates will be available later on in the evening (starting from 9.30 PM).

First estimates will be made available on our Twitter acount: @TNS_opinion

More information and first estimates also available on the dedicated website for the Exitpoll2016.